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It’s 2022! Time for Something New

Can’t believe it’s about to be two years since the start of the pandemic. I feel like I’ve made no progress.  Two years the world’s been spinning but not…feels like all I got was time and wasted it.

I’ve always been someone that likes to plan, be prepared and make decisions based on a lot of research and sound reasoning.  But no one tells you adulting is uncharted territory and your girl is confused and slightly anxious.  

If you’ve read this far (thank you) and you’re probably wondering what is she talking about?  Great question…let me get my thoughts in order.

 When the rumblings of COVID 19 started in January 2020, I was suffering from burn out, working in a toxic environment and just started therapy after literally having a meltdown while getting ready for a college friend’s wedding.  This is where I started my journey to figuring out what the hell to do with my life ( personal + professional). 

By March 2020, when the world went to sh*t so to speak, I just started a new job and was getting used to weekly phone calls where I spilled my guts to a stranger. I’ve since spent the last year and 9 months learning to be gentle with myself and nursing my burnout hangover from my previous job.  During this time I also searched the Internet for blogs, articles, social accounts that I could relate to and fell short.  That’s why I’m starting one of my own… to be that for at least one other person to relate to… as well as to have a creative outlet as we continue to navigate this new normal.  

I’m honestly just trying to figure life out while keeping my dog aka ruler of my tiny household, happy and fed.  I can only write about what I know and experience. So what you can expect from this space is exploring life as a millennial woman in her 30s who’s surviving burn out and determined to become an ex nine to fiver. Along the way, I plan to also find ways to indulge in all the self care. (From skincare routines to solo vacations – which is why I need more than that 9 to 5 salary).

I think it’s empowering to come across someone that’s on a similar journey, that’s a mess in her own way and determined to get to a better place. So welcome to my corner of the internet!



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