1 Month Coaching Journey

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I get it… because I’ve been there. You know the place:

It’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep even though you are exhausted. To-do lists, the difficult conversation you had last week, the mistake you made at work that day and the overall dread of “is this it?” running rampant in you thoughts. I understand and honestly, it’s an ongoing journey to find moments to just be and exhale.

This offering is for my fellow hyper-independent over-thinkers. Women who want 1:1 support with :

  • Developing a loving relationship with the word “No”
  • Learning how to create and maintain the boundaries in your personal/professional life. Your nervous system will thank you.
  • Giving yourself grace to just rest, guilt free.
  • Embracing the beautiful mess in your life and releasing yourself from the chokehold striving for perfection has you in.

So what exactly might that look like in everyday life?

  •  Exercising your right to say “No” won’t result in feeling guilty or the need to make excuses because you’ll understand that “No” is actually a complete sentence without any caveats attached.
  • When that co worker, family member or friend that’s used to you saying yes to everything under the sun, now has to learn to pull their weight and do their jobs.
  • Telling yourself to chill when you can’t understand why you’re not functioning at your best.  If it took your job years to burn you to a crisp … it’s going to take more than couple weeks/months to get out of it. 
  • Recognizing when your fear of making a mistake is keeping you stuck and still deciding to take that messy step (in your relationships, career choices, life changes etc.) anyway.

What’s included:

  • Four(4) 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Text Support via What’s App

Your Investment : $495.00 USD (Payment Plan available)

Not sure if this is for you? I completely understand. Investing in yourself and trusting someone else is not a light decision. Book a free session with me so we can chat and see if this is a good fit!

I’m here whenever you are ready. In the meantime feel free to visit my IG. Stop by and say hi!


I struggled to wrap my head around finances. I’d avoid even looking at my bank accounts! Now, with Yolan’s help, I understand that looking at my accounts doesn’t have to be so scary. I know what my values are when I save or spend money so I feel more in control of my finances than before. I was surprised by how quickly things could transform in my work and financial situation. I didn’t expect a single call to sometimes turn around something I struggled with for an entire year beforehand. If you are someone who is eagerly looking for change in either your work or finances, and want to get unstuck, then Yolan is your girl! – S.L.

Coaching with Yolan feels like a safe space. I’ve tried coaching before and it could be overwhelming but with Yolan, it was relatable and not overbearing. I found her to being a happy medium between asking me probing questions to get to the heart of what I needed and offering her perspective, when asked. Yolan took the time to have the conversation and her realistic perspective were welcomed. Sometimes I don’t know what I want and it’s nice to have somebody give me some direction that helped me determine how to achieve or work towards my goals. When I came into this, I was at a sensitive place financially because I just moved and was trying to get myself back on track financially. Being very conservative with my budget as is, coaching with Yolan allowed me to be honest with myself and my lifestyle. While difficult at times, these discussions were necessary as I’m in control of my finances and I have a plan. I know first hand what it’s like for Millennials and Gen Zs trying to navigate life today. We are not operating in the same environment like our parents did and having a coach like Yolan is nice because she is relatable and get’s it. – K.L.

Prioritizing simple tasks and how to approach certain challenges I found difficult prior to working with Yolan. However since I’ve been doing the coaching sessions, I’ve felt more direction, I’ve been able to focus on what’s important AND also give myself grace where things aren’t working out as I tell myself that they should work. I look forward to our coaching sessions weekly because I know that I’m doing something good for myself vs. spending time doing something else or beating at the air so to speak. I think the sessions were a great way to sift through all of the distractions, all the cloudiness, all the uncertainty. It helped me get clarity of thought and focus on what’s important. Coaching with Yolan will give you a sense of direction in terms of where it is that you are trying to go and whats the best method of achievement. As Yolan has said “you might already know what to do it’s just a matter of talking it through / writing it down.” I would definitely encourage persons who are ambitious and really serious about moving to that next level, coaching is definitely that one thing that can help you step up to leave mediocrity behind. It could be moving to state of peace of mind in just general, depending on what your needs might be. A more peaceful, happier purposeful existence. 10 out of 10 would recommend! – B.R.

When I first engaged Yolan’s help I felt a little out of my element because I didn’t even understand what coaching would entail but I knew I needed to start somewhere. Since working with Yolan I was able to create a budget and make steps towards promotion at work. Yolan helped me to understand that a goal without a plan or timeline is a dream. She helped me to set up a monthly budget that prioritized my most anxiety inducing concerns and helped me to take charge of my debt head on. 
She helped me to organize my thoughts surrounding my professional frustrations and gave me the confidence to take steps to resolve these issues. Under her guidance I stepped out of my comfort zone to network within my profession and rethink my approach based on her unbiased observation. The best part about the program was that once I started seeing changes take place, the snowball effect it had on my life continues to show dividends. From not even knowing what a life coach does to reaping benefits in 6 weeks. I’m happy to share that my case is a success! – G.G

In Yolan you have an empathetic and patient listener, who is able to help you “zoom out” in order to gain answers to the big questions. She was able to observe and tailor the experience to my quirks and temperament without micro-managing. Most importantly, helping me to attack my problem step-by-step, in the end arming me with the confidence to confront my goals strategically. It[the sessions] felt like an ongoing conversation where I was guided into coming to important revelations and then given tools to apply these lessons practically. – D.R.


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