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Self Love Shenanigans

I love when self love actualizes in grand gestures. i.e. luxury vacations. But grand gestures are not feasible for everyday life. Small gestures and the little things on the other hand? Check out my 10 things you can incorporate in everyday life to show yourself a little love.

Are you scared to speak up at work? or Set boundaries with that friend/ fam bam?

This idea you have that you need to be fearless to set boundaries, especially in the workplace is ridiculous friend. Fear breeds in the unknown which means, fearlessness comes with familiarity. So in the meantime, how do you set boundaries when you’re scared shit less? Here are my 4 things to keep in mind when setting boundaries.

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Medium Articles

We’re bombarded daily with memes, inspirational posts and ted talks on stepping out despite being terrified. But before we take that step, what are the thoughts/questions that slap us in the face?

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What the hell am I doing with this life?

I can’t be the only adult asking myself this constantly right? The older I get, the more this question pops up and sends me into an overthinking spiral at 2:00 AM. Would you be interested in reading more about my internal conversation and how I struggle to answer this question?

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I Should’ve Been Born With An Instructions Manual

My self talk in the moments I need grace are not always the kindest. Especially when difficult decisions are involved, there are no instructions on how I should love myself through my choices.

Working in Corporate Is Not For Everybody

As a corporate girlie for over 12 years, I can tell you the reason it seems no one cares: It’s because giving a damn is detrimental to your health in this environment. Read more on why I think caring in corporate is a slow death.

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From Someone That Treats Overthinking Like An Olympic Sport

The little things, reality vs. facts, and little miss perfect. How do these tie together? Read more here.

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Give Yourself Permission to Change and Grow.

A lot of our identity is wrapped up in the labels given to us. As a result, we move through the world from their point of view. The only labels we should own are the ones we give ourselves.

People Pleasing: Actions vs. Intent

People pleasing isn’t the problem, it’s your why.

Let me explain.

Say Bye to the Perfect Version of You…

and hello to finally being able to breathe and shed the bulls*t you convinced yourself you needed to thrive. Read more on embracing the mess.

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