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4 Things I Love For A Relaxing Solo Getaway.

My solo travel tips for women when resting is the goal.

My favorite thing to do when I get a little overwhelmed and crave some peace and quiet is a solo getaway. As a woman in my 30s, I’m very familiar with the expectations of companionship we’re expected to have and how daunting it can feel to go on vacations alone. The first time I did, I was in my late 20s and I booked a trip to Miami Beach, staying at the Eden Roc Miami Hotel for a long weekend of lounging. While it was nerve-wracking to go, I distinctly remember the high I felt walking into my NYC apartment three days later, feeling rested. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

The older I get the more comfort plays a key role in how my vacation pans out. The travel bug hit me later in life and now I love discovering new places. But sometimes I need a vacation like the one I had in Miami a few years ago. The type of trip where the goal is not to immerse myself in the culture, do food tours anything else that requires a structured itinerary. The only things on the agenda are eating, sleeping, and reading my Kindle by the pool.

I have been on a couple of these solo trips since and here are the four things I always have for a relaxing solo weekend (or weekday) getaway:

1. A Comfortable Hotel

My surroundings are very important to me so I love a good hotel room. Bonus if it comes with a bathtub. For some people, it’s just a place to sleep and nothing’s wrong with that. But if I’m going to relax, I need to do it in a clean, comfortable environment.

2. A Hotel with Pool/Beach Access

If a relaxing vacation/staycation is what you are after, then lounging is a must. I stayed at the Eden Roc Hotel and for three days I laid by the pool, slept, read, ordered poolside drinks/snacks and indulged in light conversation with other guests. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing like sun, light breeze, fruity cocktails, a book, and mid-afternoon naps to escape reality for a little while.

3. A Spa day

Book a spa treatment within the first couple of days of your vacation. It’ll help you to decompress and set the tone for the rest of your time there. I love a good massage and if the budget allows I’ll book an 80-minute or longer session to truly relax. Maybe it’s just me but 50 minutes is too short. By the time my mind starts to drift I’m hit with this calm voice “Okay, thank you. Your robe is on the door, I’m going to grab you some water and wait for you outside” Ugh no, please come back! haha. Sometimes, I’ll offset my disappointment with facial afterwards to prolong the experience.

4. We Eat Good Around Here Friend

Even on vacation, a girl’s got to eat right? Whenever I’m planning my trips, researching restaurants to try, is always one of the first things I do. I also check out the hotels and ensure they have a room service option. We 30s girlies like convenience and one of the things I’m grateful for in this stage of life is having a little more flexibility within my budget to experience such luxuries.

Listen I get it, room service is expensive AF. By the time you add in the extra charges for room delivery, service charges, and tips, you pay twice for the meal. But sometimes a girl needs to be spoiled a little and no one can spoil you like you friend. So when I’m famished after a long day of toiling away in my swimsuit on a lounge chair, dinner tastes better when I’m eating in your bathrobe in the room.

If room service is not your jam, no worries. Put on a cute outfit and go to the hotel restaurant and eat at the bar. Or if you’re feeling brave, you can make reservations for a table for 1. My Miami trip was my first time dining alone. I made reservations at the Nobu restaurant on a SATURDAY NIGHT! Girl it was terrifying but liberating. Now I admit, making reservations at a popular spot on a popular night maybe isn’t the best introduction to something that scares you. But I tend to be a rip the bandaid off kinda girl. So give it a try and let me know what you think. As long as you don’t deny yourself because “I don’t have anyone to go with”, I’m happy. Treat yourself!

We all need a getaway from time to time. Sometimes it’s the only way to press pause and breathe for an overthinker who needs a break from routine to calm the mind. For this self-proclaimed hyper-independent overthinker, a relaxing getaway does the trick, especially when I include my must-haves above.

What are your essentials for a relaxing trip? Let me know in the comments.



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