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5 Solo Date Ideas That I Love For Us Singletons

… & Non Single People too. Actually, It’s A Good List For Everyone

As an only child, I learned from a very young age to enjoy my own company. Whether it was sitting in the living room watching tv, reading, playing video games or simply running around my grandmother’s yard when she told me “you watch too much tv, go outside and play”. Now as an adult woman in her thirties, how I spend my time looks a little different, but the goal is the same: to decompress, relax, find a little joy and a lot of peace. Solo dates are just another way on how you love yourself and make yourself a priority. Here are five things I love doing solo:

1. Movies

To me, this is level one in solo dates. Minimal time commitment, no socialization required and you’re so focused on the movie you won’t feel self-conscious. If you are super nervous about going out solo, start here.

2. Park Dates

These are one of my favorite things to do in the summertime. When I lived in the city, I loved going to Central Park with the pup. I’d read and people watch for hours. There are so many other people doing the same you are so you won’t feel out of place and no social skills are required. No need to feel obligated to speak to anyone. Or if you are a social butterfly, you have plenty of opportunities. Best part? It’s a super budget-friendly option. Bring your snacks (and in my case: dog treats) and stay as long as you like.

3. Dining Solo

Unlikely the two listed above, this one takes a little more courage, especially if you live in the US. When I went to Nice, France in 2021 I remember going to dinner solo that evening and was surprised how many other solo dinners I saw. I’ve since learned that in Europe it’s part of the culture to dine alone and no one thinks anything of it. Which is also interesting given dining out seems to also be a social affair where you have to chase your waiter for the check. Here in the US, my experience has been the opposite, people will look at you sideways if you make reservations and dine alone but they’ll also give you a time limit on the table.

I won’t lie, it’s going to feel awkward, especially the first few times you do it. I still get nervous when I go out to dinner solo. But it does get easier over time and the anxious feelings decimates quickly. If the thought of doing this makes you lightheaded, sit at the bar and order a drink to start.

4. Solo Weekend Getaway

Yup. This is a solo date on steroids, I know. It’s a huge time commitment and if you feel like running away, where the f*ck you gonna go? But it also can reap the most reward – feeling liberated. Spending time with yourself builds self trust which boosts self-confidence. Going away for a long weekend is not only doable, but it is also addicting. I love solo weekends that are relaxing and these are a few things I need to make sure the weekend flows smoothly and I walk away refreshed.

5. Solo Date at Home

Okay, listen up. This may seem like the least awkward and safest option. But take it from me, this can stir up some feelings of “I can’t believe I don’t have someone here to share this with”. It’ll happen. Let it. Sit with the feelings and let them pass. I love spending Friday nights at home. I usually order some food (dessert included) and do something creative. Recently I’ve been into doing the paint by numbers kits – I’m no Picasso but at least I can count! Haha. I also been loving these book nook kits. They keep the hands busy and allows my mind to wonder and dream a little.

Solo dates don’t have to be elaborate or fancy, it just has to bring you a little joy and a lot of peace. Let me know what your favorite solo date ideas are. If you’ve never done a solo date, try one of these and tell me what you think in the comments.



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